New Events features are now online! Wednesday September 2 2009, 1:00 AM
Mick McCluskey

The Musical1 system has now been upgraded to include a couple of new features for Gig/Event listings.

The new MySpace module has now been added to the member control panel and will allow members to import gigs/events that are listed on their MySpace page.  All you need to do is to enter your 'friendly' Myspace name, and any gigs found there are then displayed in your Musical1 control panel.  Users can edit these imported gigs as normal to include any extra information and an image, if required.

The other new feature will allow members to add their gig/event details to the Gigmemories Global Gig and Event Archive at

GigMemories Archive is free to contribute to and, by adding your events to the archive via your Musical1 control panel you will drive more visitors to your Musical1 Website and help push your website up the search engine listings, e.g. Google, Yahoo etc.

Any bug reports or problems should be reported to the Admin via the Community Forum.  Thanks.

This latest minor system upgrade (version 4.0.14) will be the last in the 4.0 series.  We will soon be upgrading our demo site at with the first test-developement version of version 4.1.0 and all members are welcome to participate in the testing and developement feedback.

I hope you enjoy the new features!