Music Artists Wanted! Thursday April 14 2011, 1:00 AM
Mick McCluskey
Music Artists Wanted!

Musical1 has been chosen as one of the Launch partners for Groovydisk - The Independent Artist Music discovery game for iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Presently, the GroovyDisk project is in Beta development and we're looking for some Music Artists to help give us some feedback so that we can iron out the bumps before the game goes Live in a couple of weeks time.  We have already installed a new module on Musical1 that will allow artists to make GroovyDisks in their Musical1 Control Panel which can be submitted into the game.

We are looking to Music Artists to give us feedback on the Compilation and Submission process of GroovyDisks, which is all done from inside your Musical1 Control Panel.

To make a GroovyDisk, Artists should choose 3 tracks (A-Side, B-Side, and Bonus track) and a cover image.  Liner Notes can also be added to the GroovyDisk outlining tracks information, lyrics etc.

Any Artist interested in helping out with this project should contact me via our contact page (you will find a link at the foot of our site pages) and I'll get back to you asap.

Alternatively, you can sign up right now on our sister-site GroovyMP3 at which is currently in Beta development and due to launch in a couple of weeks time.

Make your GroovyDisk now, and have your music reach a whole new audience of listeners!


The goal in the GroovyDisk game is to rise in levels and ranks (i.e. "Groupie", "A&R Rep", etc.) to become top at recognizing new, good music. This is done by listening to and rating songs that are part of a "GroovyDisk", which is a virtual 45RPM (coloured vinyl) record by a Artist or Band. New GroovyDisks are only available for 24 hours, after which point they "sell out" and must be purchased via an "offer" to a user that already owns it. Game Users are then ranked on:

- how close their rating of the tracks in the single get to the community consensus rating
- how fast they purchase the GroovyDisk (buy earlier gets you more points)
- how "collectible" the disk they own are (i.e. a "hot" GroovyDisk earns you more points)

Purchases in game are done using a virtual currency, which the players earn by listening to tracks, rating tracks, and buying and selling GroovyDisks. Users use their virtual currency to upgrade their "Audio Rack", which in turn enables them to rate tracks faster (new users must listen to at least 60 seconds of a track before being able to rate it, and both A-side and B-side tracks must be rated before the GroovyDisk can be purchased).