Sell your music exists solely to help Musical Artists and Small Record Labels by providing advanced online facilities to assist in the promotion and sales of their music recordings.

All of the Artists who sell digital downloads from their profile on receive 100% of the sales price. Musical1 doesn't take any commission on the sale and the money goes directly into the Artist's own Paypal account. 

As you may have noticed , doesn't display any advertising on the website so there's no ad revenue to cover the cost of running the site. Servers cost a pile of money each year and with no adverts, we instead look to the Artists themselves to help cover the running costs by subscribing to our 'Friends of Musical1' Quota .

If you would like to sell your music on Musical1, consider becoming a 'Friend of Musical1' and choose how much of a subscription you would like to donate. There are no rules, just use your conscience and pay what you think is right for you.

Becoming a 'Friend of Musical1 ' will upgrade your profile to ecommerce plus the ability to upload/sell unlimited mp3's and Albums, Images, Videos, and much more.