Latest Upgrade to Musical1 Monday March 1 2010, 1:00 AM
Mick McCluskey
Latest Upgrade to Musical1

The Musical1 system software has now been upgraded to version 4.1.7 and a couple of new modules have been added.

There have been a lot of small tweaks and bug fixes in this latest upgrade including...

# New Dutch language support in Cobalt3 and Sage themes.
# Media Support area has been updated with new Video Bitrate and Resolution options that are better suited for video file conversions.
# Mobile Module upgraded to version 1.2.1
# Get Myspace Gigs Module upgraded to version 1.1.0
# Gig Memories Archive Module upgraded to version 1.3.0


Recurring Events Module.

This new module will allow Artists to easily create regular events with a single click - a lot quicker than repeatedly entering the same data for every date of their residency or regular DJ slot.  All event information including image, vault and ticket details is copied and only the event date is changed, according to a 'rule' selected on the master/parent event (daily, weekly, monthly, first Saturday of the month, last Friday of the month etc.).

Support Ticket Module.

This new module adds personal support for Artists, Venues, and Companies (Subscription Account holders only) and allows all support requests to be logged.  When logged into the Musical1 Control Panel artists and members will see a 'Support Tickets' menu section.  Options are Open Ticket and View Tickets (view info and status of all their past tickets).

Additional code has also been added to the system core for the future development of up-and-coming Modules such as, Facebook Integration, and Club Guide (both undergoing Beta testing at present).

I hope you enjoy the new features!

Musical1 Admin