New Facilities for Artists Tuesday December 11 2007, 12:00 AM
Mick McCluskey
New Facilities for Artists

Over the last year our Media Content Management System has expanded to include many new features and facilities including, New Customizable Theme/Skin sets, Built-in Flash Media Players, Digital Download Stores, Shopping Cart, Private Messaging, Video Channels, and loads of other goodies which help make our Artist Websites stand out from the crowd.

The Final system upgrade was completed during the last few days to include a couple of new facilities which I hope you'll like...

NEW - Invite a Friend
This is a new facility which can be accessed via your admin control panel and it allows you to 'Invite a friend' to sign up for a free artist account on

NEW - Promo Codes
This new facility allows those artists who are selling digital downloads from their website to create 'Promotional Codes' for their downloads.  This can be useful for special promotions such as '10% discount over the festive period' type promotions etc.

If you would like to find out more about these new facilities please contact me either by email or via your control panel by our private messaging system.

I hope you all enjoy the new additions to our Media Content Management System and put them to good use.

All the best

Musical1 Admin