THE TONGUE THAT CANNOT LIE Friday January 14 2011, 12:00 AM

Michael Marra is taking part in "The Tongue That Cannot Lie" a concert with Chris Wood, Karine Polwart and Chris Mullins. The concert is part of Commonplace which is being held at King's Place in London from 09 February to 13 February 2011.

For more details and ticket information on the series of concerts visit Commonplace website

Chris wood    MM                                    Karine

To begin the final evening of Commonplace Erica Wagner invites Chris Wood , Karine Polwart , Michael Marra , one of Scotland's most respected songwriters, and Chris Mullin , author, journalist and former MP, to separate spin from truth and shed light on the poisoned chalice that is ‘the tongue that cannot lie', a gift given to Thomas Rymer in a 13th-century Scottish Ballad. Tonight's concert sees Chris, Karine and Michael share an evening of some of the clearest voices in Britain today.