about the birddogs Saturday February 4 2006, 12:00 AM
The Birddogs
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MORE a 'GLEE CLUB' than a band, the BirdDOGS were formed by JOY BIRD and SECRET SQUIRREL in DUNDEE, SCOTLAND

Back in 2002, JOY and Secret wanted to form a band that was eclectic, retro and fun...
After a schedule of heavy practicsing and a series of auditions to select the'Right people', they ended up with the band that you can hear today right here on this website... The birDogs started off playing covers whilst evolving into their own style and eventually collaborating to produce original numbers.Each band members song is very individual in style yet sit well together to form a distictive eclectic album.
The band consists of founder members Joy and Secret followed by Lonesome Guitar,Gorgeous Gus and Cripple Lee in that order.Drums were supplied by Even Steven.