Michael Marra Music Month 2013/14 Wednesday December 25 2013, 12:00 AM
Michael Marra Music Month 2013/14

10th Michael Marra Music Month is now online!

The 10th Music Month will run from Christmas Breakfast until Burns Supper, during which Michael Marra's website will be streaming approximately 425 tracks of Michael's songs archive.

Many of the tracks were uploaded to the site way back in 2002  - a time when most folk were still having to access the web using a very s-l-o-w dial-up connection and broadband was still in it's infancy.  Some of the lofi tracks are not exactly great quality listening - Michael and I thought it was a bit like listening to music on a pocket tranny radio back in the 1960s, rough but enjoyable just the same.

This year, I've given Michael's website a lick of paint and a new style - the old style had been in use for 5 years or so and I thought it time for a site facelift.

I hope you all enjoy this year's musical treat, and find your favorite versions of Michael's marvelous songs!

Mick McC