SAINT CATHERINE'S DAY - A Play, A Peh and A Pint Sunday January 23 2011, 12:00 AM
SAINT CATHERINE'S DAY - A Play, A Peh and A Pint

Dundee Rep are teaming up with Oran Mor, Glasgow's groundbreaking theatre venue to produce a  play written by Michael Marra and featured as part of their A Play, A Peh and A Pint season. Michael has a small role playing piano and providing some vocals and narration.

"Saint Catherine's Day tells the story of different generations of romantic
Irish balladeers and how they view their occupation. Glib, shallow
professionalism has replaced their originally noble purpose as singers. A
remarkable thing happens during a moment of musical truth which throws them all
into confusion.

`'Never underestimate the power of cheap music.'' Noel Coward

Ticket information from Dundee Rep Box Office

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You can view a video of Michael speaking about his play at Oran Mor Website

Saint Catherine's Day has been adapted for the stage by Michael Marra from his original story which appeared in the collection of his short stories titled -  Karma Mechanics , first published as an animated e book by Intro2.books and available at their website.

Karma Mechanics