A Wee Home From Home - Tour Dates Sunday August 9 2009, 2:00 AM
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A Wee Home From Home - Tour Dates

Fit like,

For those Marra fans who missed this wee gem first time round A Wee Home From Home tour dates are begining to appear. Michael performs the music and songs live including Mother Glasgow set in it's original and true context.

"Returning to Glasgow Frankie knocks on a door to find no one home. With time on his hands he wanders the streets of his past and is swept up in the ensuing roller coaster of memories and emotions.

Twenty-one years after this gem of a show first played to full houses and immense public acclaim, plan B have reunited the original creative team to bring A Wee Home From Home to a new generation.

Performed by Michael Marra and Frank McConnell, the duo creates a double act full of warmth and charm with undertones of menace. Using an eclectic mix of raw live music, inspired, high-octane choreography and powerful theatricality, the show opens Scotland to its own wounds while celebrating a vibrant and indomitable spirit with pathos and a huge dose of humour."

Check out Plan B's website for more information and full tour dates -