Some Poetry
Monday March 21 2005, 3:36 PM

Here's some Poetry care of Kit(asrtrophe)...

[b][u]On Fushis[/u][/b]

[b][u]The Mackerel[/u][/b]
Munnie Mickle Mackerel Mak a Michty Meal
Mair Michty thun Wan Muckle Mackerel Wid
Bit Munnie Muckle Mackerel
Mak a Much Mair Michty Meal
Thun a Miriad O Mickle Mackerel Kid

Meh! Meh! Meh!
The Merrits O The Mackerel!

Merrits O The Mackerel?
Mibby Your Mackerel Merits Meely Mooin Aboot
Minze Is Mingin!

[b][u]The Trout[/u][/b]
Oh Geedle Goadle, Goadle Geedle Fush
Yir Mochats an Your Mooth Aboon Wi Thrush
Yih Fleech a Flech a flesh a fleesh Aboot
Oh Geedle Goadle, Goadle Geedle Troot!

[b][u]Haddock and Cod[/u][/b]
Cod or Haddock?
Haddock or Cod?
Its Chaipir!


Some cunt fae Preston[/u][/b]
Don't expect a bed of roses I'm a nightmare
Don't expect it easy I'm a gimp
And don't expect to make love every morning
It's not only my excuses that are limp

[b][u]Umberto Eco[/u][/b]
when God and man were one
then man called God by his own name
God and man were one
that is why we represent the I and one the same

[b][u]Blowin' in the Window[/u][/b]
She took the shuttle to the magic without tears
a kind of deafening point at Soho
knees together in the beautiful way

Golden flakes of you can't stop
are you carefull not red

Here comes summer and you're home
dissolve completely save save save

How will you eat yours?

I saw you on the T.V.
as often as you want the anthems
1,2,3 success join now
Kelly, Richard, Suzie like.

[b][u]Early Morning Warning[/u][/b]
Honey Nut Loops changed their name to Cheerios
and our cerial said it's goodbyes

[b][u]Surf's Up[/u][/b]
I don't suppose theirs any wrong or any right
It only goes to serve you in your purpose
It shows up mostly when we argue and we fight
It must be strange to live life so close to the surface

I don't remember throwing truths at you
like how you came to ruin what was Christmas
I don't remember throwing truths at you
It must be strange to live life so close to the surface

[b][u]Paperback Ritter[/u][/b]
weapons of mass destruction
like the dead sea scrolls
and the living see what you sell them to see
and to say and to be
and to think tanks
like world banks
of the tigris
I digress
depleted uranium cranium
your name in the media
medi evil kenevil
jumped the gun law
outlaw jose oil wells
hells bells are ringing their hands
while the band plays on and on and on
bomb the basis of what we are lead to believe we believe
and then leave
not left, not right but right
far right
not written by ritter
not right

[b][u]Text to cheer up Alice[/u][/b]
Once upon a time
I couldn't find a rhyme
Twice upon a when
I knew I didna ken
But that was in a place who
I couldn't put a face to
but i just didn't care
that once
that twice
that there