MICHAEL MARRA AT CELTIC CONNECTIONS 2005 Monday November 29 2004, 12:00 AM

Michael is due to appear at this year's Celtic Connections according to the updated Celtic Connections website.

Michael will be one of the artistes featured in Canadian Cellist Christine Hansen's New Voices Concert in the Strathclyde Suite at 1pm on Sunday 30 January 2005 -

"Taking her inspiration from Robert Service's poem The Cremation of Sam McGhee, cellist Christine Hanson reflects on the poem's resonance with her own personal intertwining of Scottish and Canadian cultures. Weaving a tapestry of sound around the recitation of the poem by one of Scotland's best-loved storytellers and wordsmiths, Michael Marra, her formidable ensemble line-up includes Bruce McGregor and Gillian Frame (fiddle), Brian McAlpine (accordion), Kevin McGuire (bass), Kevin Murray (guitar/mandolin), Rick Taylor (trombone/horns) and James MacKintosh (percussion)"

Check out the website for details. For your information Dr John is also down for an appearance at the Glasgow Concert Hall earlier in the month.