"The Big Noise Effect" Researchers tracking the lives of a generation immersed in music Monday May 18 2015, 12:00 AM

First findings from a long term study of the charity Sistema Scotland's Big Noise orchestras in Stirling's Raploch and Glasgow's Govanhill show convincing evidence of positive change to children's lives. Researchers conclude the programme represents a good investment for society.  

The findings, from a team led by the Glasgow Centre for Population Health, include evidence that Big Noise:

   Improves confidence, pride and self-esteem

   has the potential to support participants to lead fuller and healthier lives

   has the potential to quickly generate greater social benefits than the costs of delivery

   participants have higher school attendance

   offers respite and protection to the most vulnerable

 Read the full press release from Sistema Scotland at their website to read more positive information on the research findings.

Optimistic Sound continues to raise funds for the establishment of a Big Noise Orchestra in Dundee.