FULL AN TOBAR BROADCAST REPEAT Saturday October 13 2007, 1:00 AM

You have a  chance to hear the FULL version of the An Tobar show this Sunday on BBC Radio Scotland at 06:05 pm in Global Gathering. The original broadcast had technical problems and the first 10 minutes of the show which contained Michael's first song wasn't broadcast. So to hear his full performance listen in on Sunday.



The setlist for with the "Quintet" band broadcast in the second hour of the programme is - 

Niel Gow's Apprentice
Schenectady Calling Peerie Willie Johnson
Mac Rebennack's Visit to Blairgowrie
Thomas Fraser
If I was an Englishman
Frida Kahlo's Visit to the Taybridge Bar
The Lonesome Death of Francis Clarke
Green Grow the Rashes
Baps and Paste

Michael's gig  at An Tobar the following night at The Ship in Glasgow is getting great reviews. These appeared in the Footstomping Forum

"The Marra man was superb, the guy is so talented it must make singer/songwriters weep, each song is so different with a story and a life of it’s own. I think this man could capture any audience, he makes each song unique and he takes you on the journey with him. The Peerie Willie song one to make you laugh and cry. The song about his forefather’s relation buried overseas after a family tiff was another highlight. His backing crew were ace also."

 "Michael Marra is amazing. Just talking to him is fun as his turn of phrase is brilliant - he takes the simplest of things and makes you want to listen. He is a true poet. I always think of him in a 'Burns' vain because as well as being a superb wordsmith, all of his songs have great humanity in them as well. He is definitely not recognised enough."

"Michael Marra and band were absolutely fantastic on the Tall Ship tonight. What a brilliant gig. It looked like a full house to me and the sound and atmosphere was terrific"

"Aye, it was a cracking gig for the place itself as much as the band, who played a stormer. Mr Marra's an amazing man."

 "Great show from Michael Marra at the Tall Ship last night and wonderful to hear Michael at last with a proper band highlighting his latest set of recordings."