Hubris CD - LATEST NEWS! Thursday December 3 2009, 12:00 AM
Saint Andrew
Friends of Musical1

Just to give you a quick ‘heads up’ that the long overdue follow up to my last platter – The Word On The Pavey – is mair or less on its way back from the chemists and should be available for Christmas – and why not ?

Its NOT an album – it’s a 6 track EP and priced accordingly.

The title is “HUBRIS” – it was originally going to be called “Ratify My Hubris” which I thoct was really quite catchy – but the letter press men thought differently.

The songs cover a range of largely ignored subject matter such as the noble game Shinty, Elves, Cottle Baist (rural Angus for cattle), Bed and Breakfasts (3 Star and downwards) and yin even I’m not too sure what its about.

Anyhow, probable stockists will be CODA in ‘embra, Groucho in Dundee and through the websicht

Happy listening.