NEW CD ON THE WAY! Friday February 3 2006, 12:00 AM
Saint Andrew
Friends of Musical1

Just to let y'all ken that things are starting to happening and that the creative juices are now positively pishin oot !! Hope to have a couple of tracks feenished very shortly and intending to send them to our guid neebour and 'champion' Janice Forsyth (Radio Scotch Geezer - Sat mornings between 10 - 12 noon) to 'pump it oot' over the airwaves as a taster of whits to liked TWOTP ???'ll LOVE the new stuff. Sorry for the delay but , hey, thats how it goes when your juggling a musical career, a business (making eco costume jewellery from discarded wulk shells) and maintaining a private life (including the 'low profile' clause). Mair info when i have it.