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Lyrics for some of Michael's songs from Gaels Blue album including General Grant's Visit to Dundee and Happed In Mist , one of his most covered songs to date. Also a couple of songs from On Stolen Stationery -

[size=14] The following songs can be found on Michael's albun Gaels Blue img THE ANGUS MAN�S WELCOME TO MARY STUART Hail Mary, if the Lord is with thee Why is your charger so down at the knee? Are there maids who embroider For our lieges who bleed? And in what grade of fettle You will to succeed? Will you flounce around in a trifling court With a Frenchwoman�s ways And a crimson code? Or will you breathe our air And witness our efforts Pray for our children and shoulder our load? Oh! Mary, if your beauty be true Shine down on the bearded one Before he rains down on you Hail Mary, if the Lord is with thee Beg Him to send me a bushel of seed. Copyright Michael Marra KING GEORGE III�s RETURN TO SANITY Clap hands, let the people sing The word is out that we no longer have to wear these things The King took some breakfast, he sat up in bed He made no attempt to put his breeks on his head Clap hands for the joy of life It�s no longer a major offence to make love to your wife If the King can not do it then nobody may Tomorrow I feel will be a turbulent day Clap hands, we may kiss our wives Let us praise him with grateful respect for this gift to our lives James Watt the Scotsman and brave engineer Came from the palace with a flea in his ear The King said,"Good morgan und danke schoen, I hear you invented the aeroplane" Clap hands, he can fly on his own He�s no longer a dumkopf he knows how to sit on that throne He may lunge to the west or lunge to the south But sooner or later the spoon hits his mouth Clap hands,we�re going to jump for joy He really has proved to the court he�s a clever boy This morning it�s there for the sceptics to see One King one toilet,it was trouble free Oh the King is well but I don�t know about you and me He�s got his mental health but I don�t know about you and me. Copyright Michael Marra GENERAL GRANT�S VISIT TO DUNDEE When U.S. Grant paid a visit to my home town, They spruced it up with a lick of paint And then they showed him round, Two bands played in fierce competition As the rain came down, And the General said, "What a mighty long bridge To such a mighty little ole town." A man called Walsh hung from a window With the stars and stripes, And the orphan boy sang �Alouette� It was sweetness and light, But as they sang the fire bell rang And they ran for their lives, "What well trained little orphans, such a precious little song." Said the Generals wife A carriage was called to the Magdalen Green, Before the darkness fell, With a short stop over for the ladies convenience At the Royal Hotel, And the General frowned Through the last of the speeches, Though he took it well, "What a pretty little bandstand, what a lovely little steeple, What charming little houses And such cheerful little people, But what a mighty long bridge To such a mighty little ole town." Copyright Michael Marra GAELS BLUE We were talking to a fellow in the room last night He came down from Elgin with an appetite Somebody told him he would be all right Among the millions When he began to sing he took the place apart He was dealing aces from the very start It was a gift from heaven to a humble heart We were embracing Oh he told me that his papa was a rolling stone Who had a gig at Dingwalls so he felt at home And all he really needed was a telephone To be in business Gaels blue, we�ve been weighed up And found to be true Though we never had the Chevvys Or the Baptist Church We had a choice of colours for a broken crutch We�ll do, whatever it is that we do You can ask the driver on the glory train We�ll sing it up to heaven and home again Gaels blue Well I know that everybody has to have their tale And have a clean one ready when the old one�s stale Just as long as all the little details pale into the distance We kept straight faces when we heard him say "I�ve been drinking up with Marvin Gaye" Ah well, every hound dog must have his day Sing your confession Copyright Michael Marra HAPPED IN MIST Happed in mist these twenty-five eventful years Seem to me now And all but one a friendly haze, A ghost of gladness by my side With horse and plough I marched with pride Of the purest kind Then a blink of light and it�s Flanders field And the end of time. Through the flash and cannons roar I saw my Christine�s smiling eyes And with no more thought of blood or shell I made my way to hold her near But Truth and Honours henchmen found me Leaving here A madman�s rave and cowards grave For the volunteer. And in his eyes flew snipe and curlew And in his nose blew moistened air And in his mind the wood the king stole That robbed the land and laid it bare But in his heart his lovers memory Singing on their wedding night Where once the parks flowed thick with corn That sullen tune was with him now Happed in the mist the Kings Own Rifles Ready Aim The flooers o� the forest are wede away. Copyright Michael Marra These songs are from On Stolen Stationery img UNDER THE ULLAPOOL MOON Under the Cumbernauld sky Jimmy and Moira were wondering why He loved her so much that he blackened her eye Under the Cumbernauld sky. Under the Ullapool moon Jimmy and Moira were bathing their gloom The palm trees were sulking The gulls were in tears She threw a tantrum and he disappeared But a light shone to help her back up to her feet Saying "Stalwart and brave Caladonian Hotel Please to transport me from this place to hell" Under the Ullapool moon. Then down by the post office Enter a sailor Fresh from the queue for the coffee he smiles And they laugh by the job club And he throws down his coat And palm trees are swaying And gulls they are singing And Moira is smiling with stars in her eyes Under the Ullapool sky. Under the Cumbernauld sky Janice and Raymond are saying goodbye He loved her so much that he blackened her eye Under the Cumbernauld sky And neither was cumbersome Neither was auld Angels were singing and orphans found parents Who spread all their wages around and around Under the Ullapool moon. Copyright Michael Marra HAMISH Up at Tannadice Framed in woodwork cool as ice Keeping out the wolfs in his particular way A smile and a wave, a miraculous save they say Out runs Hamish and the ball�s in Invergowrie Bay Up at Tannadice as they gently terrorise Call the sentry, Oh Hamish give us song Raising the voices as high as the bridge is long Nasser said hello and did you miss him while His voice was gone I remember that time it was an evening game A European tie in the howling rain Gus Foy pointed to the side of the goal And said "There�s Grace Kelly by Taylor Brother coal" In Tannadice Up at Tannadice Watching as the fortunes rise Smiling when he hears "Ah it�s only a game, Win lose or draw you go home to your bed Just the same" But Hamish stokes young mens dreams into a Burning flame. Copyright Michael Marra If you ever wondered why Michael sometimes opens his set in Italian, here's the reason why. In January 2000 Michael was invited to play a gig in Milan. The club that he played produced translations of five of his songs. Here is the Italian translation of Frida Kahlo's Visit To The Taybridge Bar - LA VISITA DI FRIDA KAHLO ALLA TAYBRIDGE BAR Ci ha caperti una luce rossa arrivata dalla finestra, c'era la pioggia fuori. Cera un silenzia totale E pai e apparsa una visione can un rosa nei capelli ed un onella all'orecchio. Ha detto:"Buenos dias ragazzi, mi sembra il posto giu- sto per fare rientro nella razza umana, Eccomi qui e qui staro fino all'Hasta la Vista' e poi me ne andro per la mia strada. E Vince ha detto: "E' una donna con cui la vita e tata crudule, viveva con un uomo grasso della scuola naif che amava la birra e faceva il furba con le donne. Ma lei lo amava davvero fino a quando la luce si e spenta. Pai ha camminato fino ai cancelli di perla Ha trovato San Pietro, che stava facendo i pesi e le ha detto: "Prenditi un passaggio su questa stella cadente e raggiungi la Tay Bridge Bar. D'ara in poi niente bugie, niente piu lacrime; mai piu ascoltare attraverso le arecchie dei ciccione: niente piu lacrime e niente piu bugie Mai piu guardare tramite gli acchi del ciccione, Diceva di nan essere stata cosi felice da tanto tempo: la testa era rilassata e il corpo stava bene Ha detto:"Metti su Perdido, stasera, stasera e sera giusta Vaglio ballare con Jimmy Howie al chiaro pallore della luna"... Niente piu bugie, niente piu lacrime.... Ci ha coperti una luce rossa Copyright: Michael Marra Guitar Tablature for another of Michael's popular songs is also available. [/size]