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Lloyd Anderson (L.A.) Thanks for your's of particular joy that we can unite in song *
13 years ago
keepinthepeace Love this one and the reason it was written. Much love to you man. Her spirit and energy is all around you as is my Mom's.
13 years ago
hugh ogilvie
hugh rocko this is a heartfelt song 4 me it has everything just like eve she will always shin like a star
13 years ago
Kevin Skelly First Class, I wouldnt expect anything less for your music Lloyd....
13 years ago
YvonneJ Great song, this will be a bit hit! As Janice would say "I'll give it 5"
Love it LLoyd! Such a wonderful voice and I hear the feeling in it!

13 years ago
Neil Goodwill
Neil Goodwill A superb tribute to her memory, and extremely catchy (to quote 'Juke Box Jury').
13 years ago
Michael Marra Rare! Looking forward to the EP release.
13 years ago
Musky This track kept going round and round in my head last night... Very catchy! Great Lloyd!
13 years ago
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