Images by Lloyd Anderson (L.A.)

That's where the music takes me *

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With the ' L  A  all stars ' in the Galleon -Dundee 

This was my favourite set up for a while...4-piece Oak Sonor phonic kit...a cut down from it's 11 Piece original

It was quite a challenge to produce various tones from so few Drums & 'we' within the set list played 8 or so Sinatra songs -most done to the Nelson Riddle arrangements ...with a three piece band !

This shocked 'newcomers' who earlier heard us play Original songs, & also cover versions --

Narada Michael Walden-Albert King-Stevie Wonder-James Brown-Bob Marley-Bread-Santana etc

Double takes all round, ha ha 

The clock behind me always stayed at that time...

...quite apt for moments where time has no authority *


Lloyd  *