DOWNLOAD SPECIALS Thursday April 7 2011, 1:00 AM
Lloyd Anderson (L.A.)
Friends of Musical1

Hello...all downloaded songs are 'full length versions' ...look for  'Buy Now' ,
(On the Music player 'top right') - 
when playing the songs  !

I will try to ( whenever possible )  ' personally sign ' each printed photograph.

Please contact me on my profile to arrange meetings etc  !

I welcome your feedback on the songs & photographs.

All reviews, votes, ratings, comments etc, wil receive a personal reply .

My thanks to those who have begun this process .

Lloyd  *

Lloyd Anderson (L.A.) Hiya 'night-owl'...
...thanks for your photo feedback... is all 'one big river' me...
whether it's songs...
...there's really no 'division' i feel...& don't forget !...
...without the ear & eye in your can't happen *

Love...from Lloyd *

11 years ago
Lettie Hi Lloyd,
Lovely to see and hear the fruits of your hard labour now begining to pay off.

I am loving all your photographs, they are amazingly observant.

Still trying to find my way round this site. Now i want to listen to some of your music. Will keep you posted. Lets. X

11 years ago
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