An outstretched hand ...* Saturday March 12 2011, 12:00 AM
Lloyd Anderson (L.A.)
Friends of Musical1

HI... today ( 12 - 3 - 2011 ) is a beginning 'step' into my own Web site...

...( )  

I'd like to thank ' Mick McCluskey ' Creative Director & Admin Chief for ...

...he's also a lovely guy, & a friend  *

I have a ' Captain Kirk ' vibe about this  & look forward to speaking with 'you' ...sharing my Music ...Photos...Bloggs ...& many other aspects which go to make up ' who i am ' 

Feel free to dowload the songs &  photos ...... 'be good  to receive your Comments...Ratings...votes  etc ...&  watch these things come to life *

One goal is to connect with 'your world' &  to play a part in lifting you & yours...

...while helping to see & hear this beautiful world as a better place *

I chose this first set of songs almost by random 

' Eve'rything ' will become available as part of a 4-track tribute CD in the Summer, & will raise support...for ( Amoung others  )  Asthma...  both here at Ninewells Dundee , & over the UK .

This will be a much improved 'Master recording' of Eve'rything from the one here  *

On the release of the ' Physical 4 track CD ' i will also make ' those 4 songs ' available for download *

I have enabled 'download snipets' here of all the songs, ( Except  Eve'rything )  .           

Feel free to share them & i look forward to hearing from you / friends  

' Please note ' all songs available for download are higher quality * ...

...streaming samples & download snipets are an '  introduction  ' ...

...the same principle applies to the photographs *

More / Bloggs etc, will follow aswell as a 'Press kit' , where you can read further details about my life , works & ambitions .

I welcome your input ' here ' , so please post your Comments,...Reviews....Votes etc.

I'll try when time allows to personally reply to you *

Have fun,...' You '  complete the circle  *

Positives   from  Lloyd  *

Lloyd Anderson (L.A.) Hoping you are Audrey...'will let you know soon...
you appeared on the Blog page...& you may be the 'first'... place in history awaits you girl *

L A *

11 years ago
aud am i in yet? xx
11 years ago
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