All Will Be Well Setlist , Singers and Musicians Friday February 8 2013, 12:00 AM
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The setlist as I recall it -

1. Liberation (Psalm 118) - Michael's narration from Martyn Bennett album "Liberation"

2. When These Shoes Were New  - Everybody

3. The Midas Touch - The Hazey Janes with Christopher Marra

4. Dear Hank Williams - The Hazey Janes with Christopher Marra

5. Niel Gow's Apprentice - Rab Noakes, Eddi Reader and Dougie Maclean on fiddle

6. Frida Kahlo's Visit To The Taybridge Bar - Tom Mitchell

7. Happed In Mist - Mackenzie and Kris Drever

8. Mother Glasgow - Pat and Gregory Kane

9. The Altar Boys - Riley Briggs and Mackenzie

10. Lovely You - Dougie Maclean

11. All To Please Macushla - Eddi Reader

12. The Bawbee Birlin'  - Rod Paterson

13. The Homeless Do Not seeem To Drink In Here - John Spillane

INTERVAL - The music played prior to the show and at the interval were Michael's favourite   songs sung by his favourite singers.

14. Land of Golden Slippers - The Hazey Janes with Christopher Marra

15. Mrs Gorrie - Riley Briggs

16. General Grant's Visit to Dundee - Rab Noakes and Jimmie Macgregor

17. Chain Up the Swings - John Spillane

18. Under the Ullapool Moom - Sylvia Rae Tracey

19. Peddie Street - Dougie Maclean

20. Like Another Rolling Stone - Pat and Gregory Kane

21. The Lonesome Death of Francis Clarke - Mackenzie

22. Schenectady Calling Peerie Willie Johnson - Kris Drever

23. Here Comes the weak - Edii Reader and Mackenzie

24. Hamish - Rod Paterson

25.Monkey Hair - Alice Marra and Andrew Mitchell

26. All Will be Well - Everybody

27. The Optomistic Sound - Liz Lochhead - Scots Makar

28. Hermless - Everybody


The singers and musicians involved were -

Tom Mitchell

Rab Noakes

Eddi Reader

Dougie Maclean

Pat and Gregory Kane

John Spillane

Mackenzie - Fiona, Eilidh and Gillian

Rod Paterson

Jimmie Macgregor

Riley Briggs

Sylvia Rae Tracey

Kris Drever

The Hazey Janes - Andrew Mitchell, Alice Marra, Matthew Marra and Liam Brennan

Liz Lochhead - Scots Makar

The House Band were -

Christopher Marra - guitars and steel guitar

Kevin Murray - guitars and mandolin

Gregor Philp - guitars

Hilary Brooks - piano and accordian

Steve Kettley - tenor and soprano saxophone

Duncan Chisholm - fiddle

Christine Hanson - cello

Kevin McGuire - upright bass

Dave Haswell - percusssion

Also there in spirit was Pip Locherty, Rock Newtyle, Liam Reilly, Colm Calvin, Chick Singer,

Pacquet Bonheure,Fabio Lino, Lefty Wright, Francis O'Fahey, Clement Park, Beauregard Low,

Harold Walls, Alec Gorrie, Al Martini, Lochee Luciano, Peem Porteus, Blair Gowrie,

Tim O'Rourke, Sandy Limestone, Memus Slim, Hamish Watt, Philip du Beity and 

Mr Michael Marra who was the reason we were all there in the first place.


PS. Please excuse any errors on my part.

"My forgetter is getting better, but my rememberer is broke"