Stay Strong in Denmark! Friday October 3 2008, 2:00 AM
Blair Douglas
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Stay Strong in Denmark!

The Danish RecArt Music label released STAY STRONG in early September. Please tell all your Danish friends about it!!!

Based in the town of Aarhus, Recart is a independent Danish record company whose goal is to publish and disseminate music and entertainment of the highest quality.


Martyn in Mind - written in memory of master musician, Martyn Bennett.

Soldier’s Lullaby - written for Rose Gentle, whose son Gordon was killed in Iraq.

Lewis Love - in memory of those who died in the Iolaire disaster of 1919.

Rester Fort, la Nouvelle Orleans - Stay Strong, New Orleans. Written after Hurricane Catriona devastated the great city.

s’Barail Leam - (That's what I think!) - a humourous song about the vanity of the Skye male!

Atchafalaya Morn - the Atchafalaya Basin in Louisiana comprises an area of 860,000 acres of swamps, lakes and water prairies. A magical and wonderous place, it is the largest and last great river-basin swamp.

Tàladh an Iasgair - (The Fisherman's Lullaby).

Acadie, Sing Me Home - a song that links the Celtic and Cajun diaspora.

Ceitidh Fiona’s Waltz - written for my young daughter.

Mister James Brown’s Welcome to the Ceilidh House” aka “Keep the Celidh Funky - my tribute to the Godfather of Soul.

Baile Mabou, nam Mìle Bàidh, (Mabou of the Boundless Hospitality)/The Mabou Maestro - in tribute to John Morris Rankin, a musician's musician.

The Hot Damn Special - a Cajun/Celtic two step - named after one of the worst drinks I've ever tasted!

Tonn nan Deur (Wave of Tears) - in memory of the family members who died in Uist during the great storm of 2005.


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Blair Douglas
Stay Strong


ALBUM opener Martyn In Mind is perhaps the most stirring piece of traditional Scots music I've heard for a long time. Dedicated to the late Martyn Bennett, its mix of Native American beats and bagpipes raise the hairs on the back of your neck.
Gavin Rossdale

Blair has moved on from playing accordion waltzes by some considerable distance. In fact if you add this album with the last one he's covered more miles than Alan Wicker, picking up musical friends and edgy styles to include in his own creations. This is getting into full-blown 'international' territory and deserves to score an international audience.

He's a kinda Scottish Dr.John though he leaves the gruff vocals to Michael Marra.

Not only a brilliant accordion player, but an all-round musician, songwriter and composer.